Chuckle Maze

Be honest now: would you accidentally-on-purpose like to 'lose' your husband or mother-in-law for a few hours just to enjoy a bit of that oh-so-precious quality me time?

Would you like to know what it feels like to be a laboratory super mouse being tested to the max?

Or maybe even an S.A.S trainee being pushed to the limits?

If you've answered 'yes' to those questions (or, heck, even if you answered 'no') you'll definitely want to try out our ah-maz-ing Chuckle Maze, another of our great new-for-2017 attractions.





The Chuckle Maze is the latest in a long line of mazes (and labyrinths) stretching right back to earliest history. Yes, everyone, it seems, has had a maze to boast about at some time or other.

Surprise, surprise, those irritating Ancient Egyptians got in there first yet again with a big maze 2,500 years ago: well, they would, wouldn't they? Trust those herbets. Pyramids not enough for them to be getting on with, they had to have a go at mazes too. But not wanting to be outdone by the Ancient Egyptians, the slightly less ancient nasty Romans decided to get in on the act, followed by the likes of the French, Belgians, English, the Welsh (that's us) and, heck, even the Peruvians, all of whom have chipped in with spiffing efforts on the old maze front.

Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland feature mazes; there are various different types of mazes such as, Theta, Braid, Perfect (like ours), Delta and Plainair (phew!); the Nazca Lines 'maze' in Peru (some reckon) was built as a landing site for visiting UFOs; and the most famous maze of all time (apart from Tenby Dinosaur Park's maze, of course), the Ancient Cretan Labyrinth, had a terrifying monster lurking somewhere in the middle of it: the half man-half bull (honest now that's no 'bull') Minotaur.

That's all very well and good, right, but how many of these so-called 'famous' mazes had jokes dotted around their insides? What's that? How many? Yep, that's what I thought: none of them. But guess which maze does show their customers' bestest ever dinosaur jokes. Yes that's right: got it in one: Tenby Dinosaur's Chuckle Maze.

We don't want silly monsters in the middle of our maze eating people; nor do we want any blinkin' aliens landing their UFOs on our maze whenever they blumin' well fancy it.

What we do want is all our lovely customers to have a right laugh when they enter our Chuckle Maze, especially if they can't find their way out for a while, and especially if they are husbands or mother-in-laws who have 'accidentally' been left in the maze by their family...

Opening Times 2017

18th-26rd February - 10:30am-4.00pm daily

4th March - 2nd April - 10:30am-4.00pm (weekend only)

3rd April - 30th September - 10.00am-5.00pm daily

1st - 27th October - 10:30am-4.00pm (closed Mondays and Fridays)

30th October - 4th November - 10:30am-4.00pm daily