Dino Dig

Hands up who would like to find their own dinosaur remains! That’s what we thought: EVERYONE!

So why not come and dig for your own dinosaur fossils in our new Dino Dig area? See what you can find in the ground and brush away the sand to reveal the ancient bones of these magnificent creatures.

Experience at first hand the thrill of becoming an amateur palaeontologist.

Opening Times 2017

18th-26rd February - 10:30am-4.00pm daily

4th March - 2nd April - 10:30am-4.00pm (weekend only)

3rd April - 30th September - 10.00am-5.00pm daily

1st - 27th October - 10:30am-4.00pm (closed Mondays and Fridays)

30th October - 4th November - 10:30am-4.00pm daily