Ting TIng

Kids, how would you like to ride ON your first ever dinosaur? Yes that’s right: we said ‘ON’ your first ever dinosaur.

Well, Ting Ting, our cute new baby Triceratops has come all the way from China to the Dinosaur Park in Tenby with her little scarf and suitcase just so she can take you for that very ride.

And since arriving here a few months ago she has been mobbed by crowds of frenzied children eager to abandon their parents and play with her in her new home.

Unfortunately, the over 8 year-olds amongst us will be disappointed. Ting Ting is still only a baby, she is still growing and her bones are still very delicate. Therefore, at the moment, she can only take 2 to 8 year-olds in the saddle on her back.

To have a go on Ting Ting you will need to pay and book your time with our reception staff when you arrive. The cost is only £1 per ride.

Please note: our adult detector technology is state of the art, so, if you are a large adult please do NOT waste your time attempting to disguise yourself as a small child in order to have a ride on Ting Ting: you WILL, like all the others, be caught.

Opening Times 2017

18th-26rd February - 10:30am-4.00pm daily

4th March - 2nd April - 10:30am-4.00pm (weekend only)

3rd April - 30th September - 10.00am-5.00pm daily

1st - 27th October - 10:30am-4.00pm (closed Mondays and Fridays)

30th October - 4th November - 10:30am-4.00pm daily