Rides & Activities

The question you have to ask yourself is, ‘just how much fun and excitement can YOU handle in one day?’

If you think that being chased and nearly eaten by enormous, scary dinosaurs in The Dinosaur Trail is the only thing that will get your adrenalin pumping at the Tenby Dinosaur Park, think again.

Whether you’re young or old or somewhere in-between, we have so many rides and activities for you to do here, under the big sunny skies of west Wales, you won’t know where to start or which way to turn. You can whizz, race, spin and bounce to your heart’s content. You can even, wait for it, walk on water. Yes that’s right: just like, well, you-know-who…

Whatever age you may be, you’ll have so much excitement and fun in one day you’ll feel as happy as a kid at Christmas; then, once back home, you’ll sleep like a baby.


And if our Bubble Ride, Disco Boats and Fossil Hunts are not enough for you, you can try our Le Mans Cars and Moto Quads or our fantastic new-for-2017 Skiddy Cars. Not to mention our Super Bouncer Trampolines and Motorised Tractors, which race around our Dinosaur Hatchery where you can see Velociraptor eggs waiting to hatch and a two-day old baby T Rex who has to be fed every four hours. Incredible!

Talking of 'incredible', are you brave enough to try our Jurassic Journey on the aptly named buggy, 'Tasty Bite'? Well, are you?

Or would you prefer to brave the hordes of frenzied under-8s crazy for a go on our cute little Herbie Cars, and simply bonkers for a ride on their first ever dinosaur (yes that's right, we said 'on'): world mega star, Ting Ting, the baby triceratops, who came to Tenby all the way from far away China with her scarf and suitcase?

And while you take a breath and get your head around that little lot, what about our Tubey Ride (the only Tubey Ride in the whole of Wales)? Are you man/woman/child enough (delete where appropriate) to withstand the G-force while you whoosh down the Tubey Ride screaming all the way? Well? We said, 'well'?

Click here to see what these young shavers had to say about the Tubey Ride

Please note: our adult-detector technology is state of the art, so, if you are a large adult please do NOT waste your time attempting to disguise yourself as a small child in order to have a ride on TING TING: you WILL, like all the others, be caught.


Opening Times 2018

Sat 17 - Sun 25 Feb 2018
10.30am - 4.00pm daily

Sat 3 - Sun 25 March 2018 (weekends only)

Mon 26 March - Sun 16 Sept 2018
10.00am - 5.00pm daily*


20 & 27 APRIL & 4, 11, 18 and 25 MAY 2018

Mon 17 Sept - Fri 26 Oct 2018
10.30am-4.00pm (Closed Monday & Friday)

Sat 27 Oct - Sat 3 Nov 2018
0.30am-4.00pm daily